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When it comes to pollution and air quality control, most people tend to think about outdoor pollution caused by car emissions or industrial factories, but rarely do people talk about the dangers of the air pollution that is present inside our homes.

One of the greatest sources of indoor air pollution comes from gas stoves used by thousands of Americans on a daily basis. These gas stoves that run on natural gases can emit carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other pollutants into the air that are harmful to humans and pets. …

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I am proud to be a feminist, and for a while, I believed that if women kept resisting, and demanding justice, we would eventually see the fruits of our labor come to fruition. I held onto the hope that it was enough for women to speak up and speak out about our experiences with sexual harassment, micro aggressions, and sexist comments thrown our way. However, the case of Sarah Everard has shown me that it is simply not enough.

For so long, the discourse around women’s safety has centered around teaching girls what they can do to protect themselves —…

With graduation just around the corner, and the dark presence of “the real world” looming over my shoulder it’s been hard not to think about the future. And of course there’s that infamous question that everyone seems to ask you as a college senior -what are your plans after graduation?

My answer is always easy: I’m applying to marketing positions in California and crossing my fingers that one of them will hire me.

I’ve known what career path I wanted to pursue since my sophomore year in college. I’ve spent countless quarters and summers in college taking on internships to…

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Over these past few weeks, I’ve felt an overwhelming sense of helplessness over the state of our nation, but with it also came a surge of inspiration as I witnessed thousands of people come together to fight for justice.

As I was watching, I saw the power and symbolism behind protests. I saw how social media had the power to spark a revolution and spread it like a wildfire.

I have hope that these demonstrations will be a turning point into a new era for our country, but I also know that the protests and this moment alone will not…

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The gender pay gap is a large and complex issue. It has over a century’s worth of history rooted in gender inequality and societal gender roles that is difficult to disentangle from the problem. Although we have come a long way from the days when women were not allowed to hold a job or have an education, the 2019 Gender Pay Gap Report shows that women still only earn 79 cents for every $1 earned by men in the United States.

With the education gap closing in the United States, and the emergence of diversity & inclusion departments in many…

Joann Cai

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